Cindy Mogelvang

Designation: REALTOR®
Language: English
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Cindy Mogelvang

Cindy, a licensed real estate sales associate and summa cum laude graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University, is the essential glue that holds everything together in the companies she works with. Her role extends beyond the conventional responsibilities of a real estate professional, making her indispensable in ensuring smooth and seamless operations.

With a background that includes managing bookkeeping for over 20 companies in the last five years, Cindy’s financial expertise adds a layer of precision to her role as the backbone of the team.

Beyond her role as a real estate professional, Cindy extends her support to the entire staff when necessary. Her high-energy attitude is not just reserved for specific tasks but permeates the entire work environment. Whether it’s offering guidance to colleagues, assisting with administrative tasks, or providing a positive presence during challenging moments, Cindy’s collaborative spirit makes her an invaluable team player. In essence, Cindy is not just a licensed real estate sales associate; she’s the linchpin that ensures the cohesive functioning of the company.

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