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Erik Mogelvang

Erik possesses an extensive and distinguished career spanning three decades, during which he has amassed a wealth of experience specializing exclusively in real estate transactions within the vibrant locales of Naples and Bonita Springs. His professional journey has been marked by an unwavering focus on smaller-sized commercial units, and his expertise shines through in the remarkable achievement of leasing well over 1.8 million square feet of commercial space through new leases alone. Impressively, this translates to an average of nearly 100 new lease transactions per year, showcasing Erik’s adeptness in navigating the complexities of the real estate market.

In addition to his prowess in commercial leasing, Erik has demonstrated his proficiency as a seasoned property manager, overseeing numerous lease renewal transactions with finesse. His portfolio further extends to encompass representation in over 120 commercial sales transactions, a category that includes diverse properties such as freestanding industrial units. Since 2010, Erik has been credited with facilitating over 300 residential and land transactions, serving both buyers and sellers alike. Notably, a significant portion of these transactions has involved working with investors in the dynamic arena of buying and selling foreclosures. Erik’s profound understanding of the intricacies involved in foreclosure transactions positions him as a valuable resource, catering to investors of varying expertise levels.

Expanding beyond traditional property management, Erik has seamlessly transitioned into overseeing residential properties earmarked for flipping or leasing, demonstrating his adaptability and acumen in diverse real estate ventures. His educational background includes attendance at the University of South Florida and academic honors from Pfeiffer University, where he majored in business administration with a concentration in finance. Erik’s academic foundation, coupled with his wealth of hands-on experience, solidifies his position as a well-rounded professional in the real estate sector.

Beyond his impressive professional achievements, Erik’s intimate knowledge of Naples, cultivated over more than 35 years, has positioned him as a go-to source for local insights. This expertise has been tapped into by reputable publications, such as the Naples Daily News, underscoring his status as a trusted authority in the real estate landscape. Erik’s multifaceted experience, ranging from commercial leasing to property management and residential transactions, reflects a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry, making him a standout professional in his field.

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