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Discover Villa Coronado at Pelican Bay Discover Villa Coronado at Pelican Bay

Discover Villa Coronado at Pelican Bay

Enveloped in the attractive south-central region of Pelican Bay, Villa Coronado stands as an attached villa community directly facing The Coronado at Pelican Bay high-rise off Pelican Bay Boulevard.

Villa Coronado offers residents a sophisticated lifestyle with access to various nearby attractions. Take advantage of upscale boutiques and dining establishments along Pelican Bay Boulevard, immerse yourself in cultural experiences at The Philharmonic Center, and enjoy leisurely walks in the picturesque surroundings of neighboring high-rises. With the added convenience of Pelican Bay’s renowned beach tram and the allure of the Gulf of Mexico within reach, Villa Coronado exemplifies refined living amidst a backdrop of accessible luxury.

As the sun sets over Villa Coronado, residents savor the combination of sophisticated living, community-centric design, and the unparalleled amenities that define the Pelican Bay lifestyle. This enclave stands as a testament to the artful integration of elegance and functionality, providing residents with a distinctive and enriching residential experience.

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