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Discover Ventanas at Tiburón

Perched on the Southside of Tiburón Boulevard East, Ventanas at Tiburón in Naples, Florida, stands as a distinctive mid-rise community with construction commencing in 2000 and concluding in 2004. What sets Ventanas apart is its offering of one-bedroom golf condos, designed for the avid golf enthusiast who values efficiency over extensive space. The floor plans start at a modest size and expand to accommodate four-bedroom units.

Ventanas at Tiburón distinguishes itself by allowing owners to rent their condos up to three times annually, each requiring a minimum stay of 30 days, providing flexibility for both residents and potential tenants. Additionally, the community warmly welcomes pets, allowing up to two pets under 30 pounds each, enhancing the residential experience for animal-loving homeowners.

In the heart of Tiburón, Ventanas stands as a testament to tailored living, catering to the needs of those who seek a harmonious blend of space efficiency, recreational pursuits, and pet-friendly amenities. It epitomizes a community where lifestyle preferences are seamlessly integrated into the vibrant tapestry of Naples living.

What makes Ventanas unique?

Ventanas stands out for its unique offering of one-bedroom golf condos, catering to golf enthusiasts who prioritize efficiency over extensive space. Ventanas provides a distinctive living experience that seamlessly integrates recreational pursuits and space optimization, offering a range of floor plans to suit various needs.

Are there one-bedroom units available in Ventanas?

Yes, Ventanas offers one-bedroom golf condos, providing a housing option tailored for individuals who prioritize efficiency and a more compact living space. These one-bedroom units are part of the community’s unique appeal, offering a variety of floor plans to suit different preferences.

Are pets allowed in Ventanas?

Yes, Ventanas is a pet-friendly community, allowing residents to have up to two pets, with each pet weighing under 30 pounds. This pet-friendly policy enhances the living experience for homeowners who wish to share their homes with furry companions.

Can I rent a condo in Ventanas for a short-term stay?

Yes, Ventanas allows short-term rentals, permitting owners to rent their condos up to three times per year. Each rental, however, requires a minimum stay of 30 days, providing a balance between the flexibility of short-term stays and the residential character of the community.

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