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Discover Cannes at Pelican Bay Discover Cannes at Pelican Bay

Discover Cannes at Pelican Bay

Cannes at Pelican Bay is within Crown Colony and offers a prime location to the berm for easy beach access. This intimate enclave boasts 16 attached villas, built in 2005, with most buildings offering a lake view. 

Rental policy offers you the flexibility to share your slice of paradise up to 3 times a year, creating not just a home, but a friendly retreat where you can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and even turn it into an investment opportunity.

What are the nearby attractions?
Cannes at Pelican Bay is perfectly located, making it easy for residents to enjoy various attractions. Explore the beauty of Clam Pass Park with its scenic trails and wildlife. If you’re in the mood for shopping, check out Waterside Shops nearby. Don’t miss the stunning Gulf of Mexico beaches. Pelican Bay offers exclusive amenities like golf, tennis, and beach access for a vibrant lifestyle.

What types of views are available from Cannes?

Cannes at Pelican Bay offers stunning views to suit every taste. Residents can enjoy beautiful Gulf of Mexico panoramas for a serene experience. The landscaped grounds and peaceful lakes provide a calming atmosphere. Whether you love the ocean or greenery, Cannes provides a visually pleasing backdrop for luxurious living.

How far is the beach from Cannes?

Cannes provides a fantastic coastal lifestyle with the beach right nearby. Residents can enjoy leisurely walks, peaceful moments, and stunning sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico shores. The beach at Cannes is not just a spot—it’s part of the luxurious living experience in Pelican Bay. It’s a place where residents can savor the tranquility of beachside living, making every day feel like a beach day at Cannes.

How many units are there in Cannes at Pelican Bay? 

Cannes at Pelican Bay comprises a total of 16 attached villa units.

What year was Cannes at Pelican Bay constructed? 

Cannes at Pelican Bay was built in 2005.

What is the pet policy for homeowners in Cannes at Pelican Bay? 

Homeowners are allowed to keep up to two pets, provided each pet does not exceed 25 pounds in weight. 

How often can homeowners in Cannes at Pelican Bay rent their homes,
and what is the minimum stay requirement for rentals? 

Homeowners in Cannes at Pelican Bay can rent their homes a maximum of three times a year, with a minimum stay requirement of 30 days for each rental period.

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