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Discover Serendipity at Pelican Bay Discover Serendipity at Pelican Bay

Discover Serendipity at Pelican Bay

On the peaceful southern side of Pelican Bay lies Serendipity, an enchanting low-rise condominium community featuring 66 condos and attached villas constructed between 1985 and 1990. Away from the direct noise of Pelican Bay Boulevard, this community provides residents with a serene escape, offering captivating views that include glimpses of a scenic lake, water features, and landscaped surroundings.

Serendipity fosters a pet-friendly atmosphere, permitting owners to have one pet weighing 20 pounds or under. The community also provides flexibility in leasing, allowing owners to lease their condos up to two times per year, with a minimum lease duration of 60 days. This offers residents the option for seasonal or short-term rentals.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of Serendipity, where thoughtful construction, scenic views, and a blend of amenities come together to create a harmonious residential retreat in the heart of Pelican Bay.

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